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We have been nominated by USA Today as the "Best Gluten Free Beer in America!"

Please take 2 seconds to vote while you wait for your beer!  We appreciate you, and you can vote once per day!

Updated July 24th at 12:40pm
Please be considerate of other guests, and our team, while visiting:
We are happy to serve you at our brand new sit down bar, featuring 4 TV's located directly behind it, and a fancy new glycol cooled draft system!  All orders can be placed directly with the BeerTenders behind the bar (there is no table service), and we encourage you to chat them up about their suggestions!

Feel free to grab beer cans to-go out of our reach in cooler, featuring a wide, rotating selection of our Jersey City brewed Craft Beer. Beer brewed with 100% Gluten Free ingredients is in 12 oz cans, packaged as 6 packs typically, on the top shelf. All 16oz cans contain gluten, and are available typically as 4 packs. All cans are to-go only and may not be consumed on our licensed premises, per the NJABC.

Restrooms are located in the shared vestibule with Prato Bakery, and lowly carbonated tap water is available for free by the giant American flag! Bottles of water are available in the reach-in cooler by the bar for $2 each.

Under 21 Policy: Due to the manufacturing nature of our business, and location in the State of New Jersey, Departed Soles can only serve alcohol. Additionally, there is a plethora of heavy items, dangerous machinery, and cleaning chemicals around our production facility. While a brewery may be joked as an "adult playground," it is absolutely not a literal playground, race track, park, jungle gym, etc. All guests under 21 must remain seated and accompanied by an adult at all times, with their volume at a similar level that you would expect from an adult. For the safety and enjoyment of all of our guests, there is a 1 strike policy on children misbehaving, screaming, or posing a threat to their own safety as well as those around them. Any guests under the age of 21, along with their accompanying adults - and, frankly, anyone - will be asked to leave our facility if behaving in a manner deemed inappriopriate by our Management Team. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but find this to be the best "middle ground" between being strictly 21+, and allowing families to enjoy the unique experience our brewery provides.  Please be respectful of our space, and fellow guests, and we'll have no problems!

Departed Soles strictly enforces a zero tolerance policy on any behavior exhibiting racism, sexism, and homophobia. For the comfort, safety and security of our team members and guests, any such behavior is cause for immediate removal from the premises. If you witness any behavior of this nature, the actions of a guest or employee make you uncomfortable, or you have a complaint, please speak to a manager. If this is not feasible, please email Brian, our owner, directly [Brian (at) departedsoles (dot) com].

We welcome your feedback! Please speak to a staff member if you have any issues with your experience... we can learn a lot more from an in-person conversation that a star or cap review!

Thank you for your patronage!


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